Professional Aluminum Pontoon Boat Cleaner

N879-Q12 (quart)  |  N879-G4 (gallon)  |  N879-P5 (5 gal pail)  | N879-D55 (55 gal drum)

ZING® Professional Aluminum Pontoon Boat Cleaner cleans and brightens the toughest oxidation and staining on aluminum pontoons, boat hulls and lower units. ZING® Aluminum Pontoon Boat Cleaner quickly removes marine deposits, scum, oxidation and discoloration. Brightens and restores aluminum that has oxidized and become dull due to stains and the effects of weather and water over time. Excellent for use on pontoons and boats in both fresh and salt water. Attacks and loosens Zebra mussels and barnacles.

Apply ZING® Professional Aluminum Pontoon Boat Cleaner with our Mop Applicator or acid resistant sprayer.


  • Cleans and brightens aluminum in one step
  • Professional cleaning strength
  • Removes scum, oxidation and discoloration
  • Use on fresh and salt water boats
  • Removes zebra mussels and barnacles
  • Contains no phosphates
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Read entire label and directions before use. Wear rubber gloves, goggles/face shield, and protective clothing when using this product. Test surfaces for compatibility on a small and inconspicuous area before use. Safe on unpainted aluminum when used as directed.

  1. Cool surface by wetting with water. Do not add ZING® Formula IV to hot, dry surface.
    Avoid working in direct sunlight.
  2. If using ZING® Mop Applicator, saturate it with ZING® Formula IV.
    If using ZING® Acid-Resistant Spray Applicator, fill with ZING® Formula IV.
  3. Apply to a 3 to 4 feet area with saturated mop or apply with spray applicator in an even pattern, working from the bottom to the top.
  4. Make sure the area is well-saturated with ZING® Formula IV.
    Do not apply to an area larger than can be scrubbed while wet.
    Allow several minutes to penetrate stains.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  6. Repeat process on remainder of surface.

NOTE: Difficult to remove stains may require additional applications and/or may need to be scrubbed with ZING® Mop Applicator or nylon brush.

Prop 65 Statement


Color: Colorless
Scent: Acidic
pH: <1.0