Marine Safe Boat Hull Cleaner

Z904-Q12 (quart)  |  UPC: 782075909043 Z904-G4 (gallon)  |  UPC: 782075109047

ZING® Marine Safe Boat Hull Cleaner is designed for boat owners and detailers who want performance and a higher level of safety than offered by traditional products. It removes marine deposits, scum, and stubborn stains from algae, barnacles and zebra mussels. This non fuming, easy-to-use use cleaner can be used daily or anytime in-season to remove waterline stains and heavier soils on boat hulls. ZING® Marine Safe Boat Hull Cleaner can also be used to remove water scale buildup on exhaust ports and lower units of outboard motors.  Effective on boats that run in both fresh and salt water, it is ideal for fiberglass, gel coat, painted wood, metal hulls, and exposed engine components.  This boat hull cleaner is VOC free and phosphate free, with no harsh chemical fumes.

Apply ZING® Marine Safe Boat Hull Cleaner to your boat with a ZING® Mop Applicator or acid resistant sprayer.

For stubborn black streaks on sides of boats, try ZING® Boat Black Streak Remover.


  • Removes marine stains and discoloration from algae
  • Removes residue from barnacles and zebra mussels
  • Phosphate free, VOC free
  • Contains readily biodegradable ingredients
  • Use in fresh and salt water
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Read entire label and directions before using. Do not apply ZING® Marine Safe Boat Hull Cleaner to a dry hot surface. Cool surface by wetting with water. Avoid working in direct sunlight. Wear protective gloves and glasses when using this product. Safe on fiberglass and painted surfaces when used as directed.

HEAVY STAIN: Use ZING® Marine Safe Boat Hull Cleaner at full strength.

MILD STAIN: Add 1 part ZING® Marine Safe Boat Hull Cleaner to 1 part water.

  1. Lightly pre-wet surface to be cleaned before applying ZING® Marine Safe Boat Hull Cleaner.
  2. Using a ZING® Mop Applicator or ZING® Acid Resistant Spray Applicator, saturate an approximate 4’ square area, applying ZING® from bottom to top.
  3. Leave on surface for 3-5 minutes to penetrate heavy stains. Scrub with ZING® Mop Applicator or nylon brush if necessary. DO NOT allow ZING® Marine Safe Boat Hull Cleaner to dry on surface.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  5. Repeat process on remainder of boat hull, or on same area if necessary to remove stubborn stains.

NOTE: Difficult to remove stains may require additional applications and/or may need to be scrubbed with ZING® Mop Applicator or nylon brush.


Color: Clear Green
Scent: Pleasant
pH: <2.0