Marine Safe Boat Degreaser

Z193-QPS9 (quart)  |  UPC: 782075101935

ZING® Spray & Wipe Boat Degreaser delivers professional strength, convenient degreasing for boat surfaces, engine compartments and other greasy areas on boats. Powered by Eastman Omnia™ it safely removes grease, grime, tar, rubber marks and oily deposits on fiberglass, painted surfaces, aluminum, metal, glass, plastic and vinyl. Use this boat degreaser in galleys, on trailers, or on any interior boat surface that is soiled with grease.

ZING® Boat Degreaser is pH neutral and will not harm water-safe surfaces. It is non-hazardous and safe for people, surfaces and marine environments. Simply spray it on and wipe off the dirt!


  • Fast acting spray & wipe boat degreaser
  • Marine safe ingredients
  • Dissolves tough grease, grime and oily soils
  • Easily cleans boat interior and exterior hard surfaces
  • pH neutral safety, non-hazardous
  • No harsh chemical fumes
  • VOC free, phosphate free, and biodegradable
  • Pleasant Lemongrass scent
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  1. Turn nozzle to “Spray” or “Stream”
  2. Spray soiled areas and wipe with a paper towel or cloth.
  3. For painted surfaces, wall coverings or any surface about which you are unsure, test on a small, inconspicuous area. For heavily soiled areas. repeat as necessary.


Color: Clear Orange
Scent: Fresh Lemongrass
pH: 6.0 – 8.0