Q: After using ZING Professional Pontoon & Boat Cleaner, I noticed a slight white haze or film on the pontoon. How can I remove it?

A:  Depending on the age, type of aluminum, and amount of existing oxidation, some aluminum surfaces may turn white. This is a natural reaction to the brightening agent in the cleaner. The white haze can be removed by reapplying ZING® Aluminum Pontoon & Boat Cleaner to the surface at a weaker dilution. Dilute 1 part ZING® with 4 parts water and reapply to the affected area. Let it stand for few moments and rinse. The white haze should dissolve. If stubborn areas exist, repeat this process with a slightly stronger solution (1 part ZING® to 3 parts water) and scrub with a synthetic scrub pad. Always wear gloves and eyewear. 

Q:  I have a painted aluminum boat. What product should I use to clean the hull?

A: Use either ZING® Professional (Original Formula) Boat Hull Cleaner or ZING® Marine Safe Boat Hull Cleaner for painted surfaces. Use the professional formula if staining is severe or there is a good amount of barnacle or zebra mussel buildup.

Q:  I repainted my aluminum boat using a marine-based paint from the local dealer. Can I still use ZING® Aluminum Pontoon & Boat Cleaner?

A:  Yes. ZING® Professional Aluminum Pontoon & Boat Cleaner is designed to be safe on high quality marine paints. However, it is always a good idea to test clean a small patch in an inconspicuous area first.

Q:  Which ZING® product should I used on my engine power train?

A:   ZING® Professional Boat Hull Cleaner and ZING® Marine Safe Boat Hull Cleaner can both be used on power trains.

Q:  I get streaking on my boat after spraying the cleaning solution on. Can this be prevented?

A:  Yes. We recommend pre-wetting the surface and then applying the cleaning solution beginning at the bottom and working upwards.

Q:  Should ZING® boat hull cleaners be used at full strength or diluted?

A:  The answer depends on the amount of staining, soil build-up and, presence of zebra mussels or barnacles. ZING® boat hull cleaners are designed to work at full strength on a cool, pre-wetted surface. They should not be applied in direct sunlight. If the product is diluted, the cleaning strength is weakened and additional applications may be required.

Q:  Will ZING® Professional cleaners harm my concrete driveway?

A: It is possible that any boat hull cleaner will react with concrete. We do not recommended using ZING® Professional cleaners on concrete or asphalt.